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I had to give it a 5 star as it appears all that is advertised to be. I am currently having a 16" zipper put in the front of it so I can unzip that to allow air (hot or cold) to freely flow over the top. Without that, air would be forced under it. It it works out and I can edit this, I may add a picture when done.

Robert H.

Really love this seat protector! Not only does it look nice, it is comfortable for my dog and really easy to use. It protects the leather seat wonderfully and am very impressed with the overall quality. I have two of them for two different mid-size SUV's and they both fit perfect! Thank you!

Caili H.

I loved my purchase. I'm usually very skeptical of ordering online but I took a chance with this and it paid off. I was looking for some kind of seat cover to avoid all the dog hair/ mess in the car and this does the job perfect. This collects dog hair like a magnet and keeps my seats clean. Shipped fast too. Thanks again!

Elijaah F.

This seat cover is extremely soft and pleasant to the touch. I have 3 large dogs and they adore it. Hair is easily removed. Adjustable backrest hangers are convenient and easy to use. I recommend this seat cover for anyone who wants to take their pets in the car and not have to clean it afterwards!


The seat cover was very easy to fit into my vehicle. The straps were easily adjustable so I was able to set it in a way my dog was most comfortable. The suede fabric was comfortable and soft and my dog actually fell asleep after 15 minutes of riding around in it! My dog usually does not like to ride in cars without being strapped in, but because of the hammock-like shape of the seat cover, she felt secure and safe during the entire ride.